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April 16th, 2014

In conjunction with Meridian Health’s efforts to raise awareness about the importance of an annual mammogram for women aged 40 and older, we here at Cartridge World Freehold are hoping to save you money on your print cartridges for the months of April and May 2014.

Small business owners buried in paperwork seek relief

October 5th, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact: Jim Dempsey

Cartridge World – Freehold

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Small business owners buried in paperwork seek relief

Reduce the clutter and lower the costs with help from Cartridge World

Freehold, NJ (Grassroots Newswire) October 2, 2013 – With autumn underway, now is the time for small business owners to review costly operational expenses and adjust year-end plans.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are buried in a mountain of paperwork. While meticulous record-keeping is essential, it doesn’t need to be costly or overbearing. Jim Dempsey, owner of Cartridge World – Freehold, says that there are ways to reduce costs and simplify the process, allowing more time and money to be spent growing the business.

Cartridge World, the largest specialty retailer of printer ink and toner cartridges, can help reduce costs and frustrations caused by cumbersome record-keeping procedures.

  1. Don’t spend time or money creating forms. Websites such as have free downloadable business form templates, including but not limited to job applications and performance review forms.
  2. Shred unnecessary documents. As you prepare to file 2013 taxes, empty those overstuffed filing folders and discard old and unnecessary documents in a safe, secure manner.
  3. Don’t pay the price of new, name-brand products. Buying ink and toner cartridges from Cartridge World – Freehold saves as much as 30 percent over new name-brand products. Each cartridge is backed by a 100-percent guarantee and delivery to qualified businesses is free.
  4. Print “green.” Use both sides of a page, saving money on paper and reducing storage space needed. To further reduce pages, use free PrintEco software. Download it at
  5. Ask for help. The printing pros at Cartridge World – Freehold are always happy to assist in troubleshooting printer issues, and can even discuss a printing plan to help save your business hundreds. Try our online savings calculator here:

Small business owners juggle multiple priorities in order to operate successful businesses. Printing should be among the easiest tasks, but that isn’t always the reality,” said Dempsey. “At Cartridge World – Freehold, we ‘get’ small business. Like all Cartridge World stores, our store is locally owned and operated by a small business owner, and we’re happy to share our knowledge and expertise. Our unbiased printing knowledge provides value beyond the typical superstore experience.”

For information about Cartridge World’s eco-friendly products or recycling empty printer cartridges, or to learn how much a business can save on office printing costs, visit Cartridge World – Freehold, located at 64 Village Center Drive in Freehold, contact owner Jim Dempsey at (732) 333-1925 or, or visit

Cartridge World is the world’s largest specialty ink and toner retailer in the $80 billion printer cartridge industry. The company refills and remanufactures printer cartridges using state-of-the-art technology, all backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Cartridge World stores offer customers a cost-saving alternative, offering up to a 30-percent discount over full-priced OEM cartridges. Voted No.1 in the category by Entrepreneur Magazine, Cartridge World has more than 1,400 franchise locations in 50 countries.


Big Business Tactics Small Businesses Can Use

September 9th, 2013

As software and technology are becoming more affordable and available, the lines begin to blur between ‘big’ and ‘small’ business. Here are several big business tactics that your company can use.

Click Here

Internet Printing Gets Unwanted or Blank Pages?

August 19th, 2013

Did you ever want to print a page from the internet and your web browser, or the site you’re printing from isn’t formatted exactly right?  The end result usually produces a badly formatted printout, which is butchered up, or worse, spits out a bunch of blank pages.  What a waste of paper!


We can help you with “PrintEco”, an application that is free and works with all the popular browsers.

Click Here for PrintEco 90 second video to get to our website to watch a 90 second video, and if you like what you see, then …

Click Here for complete PrintEco info and free downloadJust our way of saying “Thanks” for being our loyal customer and wanting to save trees and lowering your paper expense.

The High Cost of Wasted Printer Ink

July 28th, 2013

It’s pricey, yet tests show much of it may never hit the page.

It gives me great pleasure when we have been recommending Brother printers to our clients, and then seeing that recommendation justified in this article from Consumer Reports.

We always knew that printers “bleed” ink to keep the print heads more fluid, which answers the question of  “Why do my colors run out, if I only print in black & white?”  This report shows which printers “bleed” (or should we say “waste”) more ink than needed.

Since we don’t SELL printers, we consider ourselves to be your “objective advisor”, when it comes to selecting just the right device for your needs.  Couple that with our expert knowledge on which cartridges offer the most value to give you the least “cost per page”, and the savings increases exponentially even more.  We’re only a phone call away at 732-333-1925.

Please click on the link to  refer to the Consumer Reports article below.  This will be a very big help to you when selecting the next printer for your home or office.  We’re happy that Brother keeps waste to a minimum.  And, of course, come see us (or call for business delivery) whenever you need to reload those inks or toners.  We’re here to help stop waste and save!

Click for the complete, informative article:

We Specialize in Hard-to-Find Cartridges

June 17th, 2013

Having trouble finding a cartridge for your printer, fax, copier or postage meter?  Let us help.

Don’t want to buy a new device simply because you can’t find cartridges for your old one anymore?  Let us help.

For example, suppose you have an old HP QuietJet or ThinkJet printer.  We have the 51604A you may be looking for that yields up to 550 pages.

51604ACall, fax, email, stop by, or even send smoke signals.  Cartridge World of Freehold specializes in those hard-to-find cartridges that no one else seems to carry anymore.  When you do ONE thing, you tend to get pretty good at it.

Cartridge World of Freehold
Raintree Towne Center
64 Village Center Drive
Freehold, NJ  07728

(732) 333-1925

Something for Everyone

April 27th, 2013

Do you have a Printer?  A Fax?  A Copier?  A Postage Meter?

All these devices require a cartridge of SOME sort to make them print.

OEM BRAND NEW:  Brand new cartridges are pricey, but we’d be happy to get them for you.

ECONOMICS:  Remanufactured cartridges save money, on average, about 30% Le$$ than new.

ENVIRONMENTAL:  Remanufactured cartridges save the environment since ours are recycled.  Did you know that it takes about four quarts of oil to make the plastic on a large laser toner cartridge?  You or your company can certainly be a little greener, no?

NO GIMMICKS:  We don’t have fancy rewards programs to make you feel like you’re getting big savings for buying more than what you need.  We offer price savings each and every day.

CONVENIENCE:  We are located in the Raintree Towne Center along with Stop & Shop and CVS right next to the Post Office and CentraState Hospital.

MORE CONVENIENCE:  We offer free delivery to local businesses.  Or we can drop ship anywhere for a small fee which is waived on any orders over $200.

ORDERING:  Simple enough … Many choices:
CALL us at 732-333-1925
EMAIL us at
FAX us at 320-210-1494
ONLINE ordering is available where we put a “favorite place” link on any of your computers which will show only YOUR machines and you put in how many of each cartridge you would like to order and it sends it to us directly.  For a quick demonstration (about a minute and a half), CLICK HERE.  This costs you nothing to have.  You’re not obligated to buy anything or any minimums.

HELPING SUPPORT LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS:  We live and work in the town we serve.  We buy our “stuff” right here as well.  We spend our money in this area.  We support your causes.  We contribute to local schools, including the same ones our kids went to.  We proudly display our support on our wall in the store labeled “In The Community”.  You may have seen the “Cartmobile” zipping around town with the next delivery.  All we ask is a chance to earn YOUR business.



The Cartmobile

The Cartmobile

More Money-Saving Printing Tips

February 1st, 2013

February is a great time for businesses to look at last year’s expenses to see where they can save money.  The holidays are over, and we’re back in business mode.

Cartridge World, one of the world’s largest printer cartridge retailers, is helping office managers find new ways to save hundreds of dollars throughout the year on office supplies.

“We are always helping customers save money on printing,” says Jim Dempsey, owner of Cartridge World – Freehold. “We know how difficult it is for businesses to succeed, because we’re business owners, too.”

Dempsey offers a few easy tips to help Freehold business owners save hundreds on printing costs:

  1. Buy two kinds of copy paper. When printing internal office documents, use inexpensive recycled paper stock. Save high-quality paper for the important documents. Then set your printer setting/preference for automatic double-sided printing.
  2. Small businesses can save $1,000 to $2,000 per year if they buy eco-friendly ink and toner printer cartridges. Cartridge World’s high-yield printer cartridges cost as much as 40 percent less than OEM ink and toner. Dempsey added, “Businesses can easily trim $100, $200 or more off their budget every month by using remanufactured printer cartridges.
  3. Match your office printing needs with the right printer. Inexpensive printers are seldom the best deal. $100-and-less printers can actually cost a fortune in the long run. The real cost (for printing supplies) can be as much as three to five times the price of the printer in the first year alone. At Cartridge World – Freehold, we can tell our customers which printers use high-yield ink and toner cartridges and match their actual printing needs to get the best deal. Buying a factory-refurbished printer can also save hundreds. Plus, some factory-refurbished printers offer better warranties than new printer warranties.
  4. Use online postage. It saves the time and expense of going to the post office. The fee for service is often less costly than the mileage and time to drive there. Unlike postage meters, there is no extra equipment to purchase or rent. You only need a computer, a printer and a scale with ounces.

Cartridge World is your local office printing expert. The company sells more than 3,000 different printer cartridges for home and office printers, copiers and fax machines. Plus, every printer cartridge is 100 percent guaranteed. Most stores offer free local delivery for business customers.

You can count on Cartridge World for answering your ink, toner and printer questions. Businesses can request a quote online and set up convenient online printer supply ordering services.

Contact Jim Dempsey, owner of Cartridge World – Freehold located at 64 Village Center Drive in Freehold at or (732) 333-1925 or visit for more information.

Budget Savings Ideas for Freehold Area Businesses

December 15th, 2012

Freehold, NJ (Grassroots Newswire) December 4, 2012 – Although President Obama’s 2013 budget supports more than $16 billion in small business loan guarantees and tax cuts, one of the biggest problems small businesses are currently facing is weak sales, says the National Federation of Independent Businesses. So, with a new budget year right around the corner, many businesses, including those in the Freehold area, are combating lackluster sales by reducing operating expenses.

A simple way to improve the bottom line is to reduce office supply spending, says Cartridge World – Freehold. In fact, the company says businesses can cut office printing costs by 25 percent or more by making a few simple changes.

According to, the average office worker can use 10,000 sheets of paper every year. “Considering there are more than 21,000 U.S. and Canadian firms with 500-plus employees, that’s a huge volume of printing,” says Jim Dempsey, owner of Cartridge World – Freehold. “There are three ways businesses can immediately reduce their printing costs. Reduce the number of pages printed. Reduce printer ink and toner expenses. Use the right printer.”

With 600 stores in the United States and Canada, Cartridge World is the largest specialty retailer of ink and toner printer cartridges for the home and office. Each Cartridge World store serves hundreds of business customers and can provide cost-saving solutions:

1. Reduce paper use:

Use duplex (two-sided) printing on all “draft” documents

Reduce margin areas on each page to print 10 percent more text

2. Reduce ink/toner printer cartridge cost:

Purchase recycled / remanufactured printer cartridges instead of OEM to save 25 percent or more

Use high-capacity printer cartridges that provide cheaper per-page printing

3. Use the right printer:

Low-cost printers may cost more in the long run. Confirm what kind of ink or toner cartridges they use first.

Check your printing volume. You might save by upgrading or downsizing your equipment

PC World magazine may say it best, “If you buy a cheap inkjet printer, you’re going to pay a small fortune for the ink to run it (assuming that you use the ink that its manufacturer specially designed for it).” If you buy a $100 inkjet printer and print 10,000 pages per year (40/day), you can use 23 standard ink cartridges per year. At a cost of $20 per cartridge, you’ll pay $475 for black ink alone. In three years, you could pay 15 times the cost of the printer for ink. Plus, you could pay up to three times more if printing in full color.

Selecting the right printer to meet the demands for your office, and confirming the cost of replacement printer cartridges should determine what kind of printer to buy. When buying a color inkjet printer, opt for a printer with four separate color cartridges, not tricolor (three-colors-in-one) cartridges. With tricolor cartridges, as soon as one color is empty, you need to replace the entire cartridge.

“Office managers and executives don’t always realize how much they can save by changing printers and their ink and toner provider,” explained Dempsey. “If you’re using the wrong printer, it pays to switch ASAP. Plus, if you buy remanufactured printer cartridges, you can easily save another 25 percent or more.”

Cartridge World helps businesses of all sizes save money by selling remanufactured ink and toner printer cartridges. Rather than purchasing brand new cartridges every month, customers can simply recycle their empty cartridges at Cartridge World and buy remanufactured cartridges – saving hundreds on their office printing expenses. Cartridge World stores sell printer cartridges for all major brands of office printers – backed with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.

If you have questions about what printer is right for your office, what cartridges are best or how to start recycling printer cartridges, contact your local Cartridge World store.

To learn how much your business can save on office printing costs, use Cartridge World’s online savings calculator. For more information about Cartridge World’s eco-friendly products ink and toner products, visit or contact Jim Dempsey, owner of Cartridge World – Freehold located at 64 Village Center Drive in Freehold at (732) 333-1925 or

And if that’s not enough … use our Christmas Coupon as our gift to you (We’ll even extend the expiration date to 12/31/2012 just for you):

Cartridge World is the leading ink and toner refilling retailer and franchisor in the $80 billion printer cartridge industry. Cartridge World stores offer customers a tremendous cost-saving alternative to buying new printer cartridges, offering a 30-40 percent discount over full-priced OEM cartridges. Cartridge World offers a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. The company refills and remanufactures printer cartridges, using state-of-the-art processes and high quality inks and toners. Voted No.1 in the category by Entrepreneur Magazine, Cartridge World has more than 1,600 franchised retail locations in 50 countries. For more information about Cartridge World products or franchising opportunities, call (815) 321-4015 or visit



November 11th, 2012

The November CW press release below promotes Cartridge World’s commitment to recycling. Plus, it invites businesses to contact their local store for free printer cartridge recycling, and to ask about e-cycling (small electronics) and other local recycling programs.

IN ONE MONTH alone, more than 1 million inkjet and laser printers are purchased in North America. Cartridge World, the world’s largest specialty retailer of ink and toner printer cartridges, says that’s good news for printer manufacturers, but bad news for landfills.

“With 350 million printer cartridges discarded in landfills annually, the environment is taking a beating,” said William Swanson, Chief Executive Officer for Cartridge World North America.  “Our company recycles millions of printer cartridges every year. But that’s just a small part of the solution.”

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that only 25 percent of old consumer electronics are recycled annually, so more than 1.7 million tons of computers, TVs and mobile devices end up in landfills.

Cartridge World stores are a valuable resource for local business owners. With more than 600 stores in North America, Cartridge World provides free printer cartridge recycling, can supply local recycling information, and most offer recycling for small electronic devices.

The need to recycle office supplies is great. Nearly every business uses inkjet or laser office printers. More than 10 million new printers are sold annually, and the machines use dozens of printer cartridges.  Alone, the printers sold in 2012 can easily use 80 million cartridges per year.

“The challenge is to think about recycling all year long,” says Swanson. “Cartridge World stores recycle more than 4.5 million printer cartridges annually. Plus, our store owners are very involved in the recycling community and can provide local resource information.”

America Recycles Day (Nov. 15) is an opportunity to dispose old office equipment and supplies. Cartridge World will gladly recycle printer cartridges, cell phones and small electronic equipment (ask Jim or Doreen in Freehold for details at 732.333.1925).

In the United States, businesses can find state and local regulations and resources for recycling larger electronics – computers, laptops, fax machines – at The EPA urges businesses to take larger equipment to recycling centers. They recover more than 100 million pounds of materials from electronics each year. In Canada, customers can visit to find recycling programs. More than 1,000 municipalities offer computer and electronics collections as part of household waste collection programs.

Learn more about local recyclers and collection events at EIA Environment – Consumer Education Initiative. In addition to providing free recycling, Cartridge World stores help local businesses save 30-40 percent on their office printing expenses. Cartridge World stores sell remanufactured printer cartridges for all major brands of office printers – backed with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

The company invites businesses to contact their local Cartridge World store for information about initiating a recycling program for their office and/or office buildings. Cartridge World also offers recycling/fundraising programs for local schools and non-profit organizations.

With more than 1,600 stores across the globe, Cartridge World is the world’s largest specialty retailer of ink and toner printer cartridges. To learn how much your businesses can save on office printing costs, use Cartridge World’s online savings calculator. For more information about Cartridge World’s eco-friendly products ink and toner products, visit or your local Cartridge World store in Freehold.